Common symptoms of Aortic Stenosis

Many of the symptoms and signs of Aortic Stenosis may be incorrectly attributed to the normal ageing process. It is this common misconception that keeps patients from discussing these symptoms with their families and Doctors. It is important to ensure that anyone with these symptoms should be referred to their local Doctor for assessment

If left untreated, patients with Aortic Stenosis can have a significant reduction in life span, with approx 1 patient in 2 with severe untreated Aortic stenosis, not surviving 2 years.


Fatigue can be a common symptom of aortic stenosis. This may be caused by a number of factors that can occur in patients with aortic stenosis.
As the aortic valve narrows and stiffens, the heart may not be able to eject all of the blood from the left ventricle. This can place an increased workload on the heart and make it push harder to eject the blood into the body, resulting in fluid accumulation. 1

This fluid may accumulate in the lungs and legs, often resulting in patients feeling fatigued when performing many tasks like cleaning the house etc. This may actually be a sign of heart failure as a result of damage to the pumping mechanism of the heart. Heart failure can be associated with aortic stenosis. 2

As a result, many patients can confuse this fatigue as a sign of ageing. This symptom may be related to a worsening of undiagnosed aortic stenosis and could require urgent medical attention.

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